Eagle Rock Ranch is an incredible place for a person who values fishing, hunting, and would like to earn some extra money while being outdoors.

We are looking for full and part-time individuals who enjoy being outside, and would like to have some experience with ranch work. We work hard at the Ranch but, we like to have fun also.

Most of the duties include general ranch work, lawn maintenance, fence maintenance, cleaning guest cabins, raising fish, feeding, lake maintenance and working the horses. We offer competitive pay and a 5 day work week. We have no problem accommodating a flexible schedule with some notice.

Eagle Rock Ranch employs several "Hands" - each summer depending on the situation. It is best to submit your applications before the months of March, April for the summer season.

If you are interested please contact us by e-mail for an application and interview. You can print an application by clicking the attachment link below.

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Quick Contact

29830 County Rd #8; Yampa, CO 80483; US
W -106° 52.264394760132" N 40° 9.1316638923996"
Telephone: (970) 638-4617