Fishing at Eagle Rock Ranch

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Fishing at Eagle Rock Ranch
Fishing at Eagle Rock Ranch
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Fishing at Eagle Rock Ranch

Eagle Rock Ranch is an affordable  "CATCH & RELEASE" fishery. Our goal is to provide one of the most memorable experiences a sportsman can have while utilizing a different approach to sport fishing which emphasizes “Catch & Release” practices that many fishermen here in the west have been enjoying for years.

With the consistent water flows and varied elevations between the lakes, it became apparent we could provide some of the best habitat available for high altitude still water fisheries.

In 2001-02, the owners hired Joseph Urbani & Associates, Inc., A Fisheries Biologist, and consulting firm to do extensive habitat improvements and water restoration on the property. With those efforts, consistent water flows and deep lakes here at Eagle Rock Ranch we can provide some great "still water" fishing even in the warmer months of July and August.1 Trout Fishing

The lakes eco-system and deep pools, abundant vegetation and cascading waterfalls provide an exceptional food source and water quality. The lakes and aquatic grasses are filled with all kinds of fresh water shrimp, leech, aquatic bugs, small fat-head minnow, hoppers and Damsel fly’s.

The rest my friend - is up to you!

Raising quality fish begins with having great genetics and then providing an environment that fish can thrive in.  Eagle Rock Ranch has for years provided the type of ecosystem that trout require. Namely, abundant food and cold, clean, oxygenated water. 

Our lakes are stocked with Rainbows, Browns, Lochlaven Browns, Cut-Bows, Cut-throat and Brook Trout; the fish are purchased by from quality hatcheries which have specific genetic breeding programs to produce the best game fish for each species. By creating various water features on the property which improve water quality, increase oxygen levels and provide better habitat for food sources, we have seen increase in the overall health of the fish.  After years of improvements we are now seeing evidence of some natural breeding in the lakes.Our fish are initially purchased as small fingerlings and placed into progressively large rearing ponds. Daily feeding of specially formulated fish food and natural food insures healthy growth. After the fish reach specified size and weight they are released to the lakes for sport fishing.

2 Big TroutThe genetically “preferred” Rainbows and other sport fish are typically more muscular, have greater girth and are more tolerant to warmer temperatures and (ammonia) winter kill. These sporting fish have much longer life expectancies and tend to grow quicker in the wild. We have also introduced Eastern Brook Trout and Soda Lake German Brown’s to our fishery.

Donaldson Steelhead Rainbow – Fast Growing with life expectancy 8 to 12 yrs. Silver salmon body, light rainbow coloring, large broad tail with large pectoral fin. This genetically selected fish characteristically provides long, near surface runs and multiple acrobatic leaps when hooked on a fly rod.

Jumper Rainbow – The jumper can achieve weights of up to 12 pounds in a four year period with ample feed. This sporting fish has a medium to deep rainbow stripe, dark upper back and a white lower body. When hooked with a barb less fly the jumper will immediately go deep like most brown trout then thrill the avid fisherman with 3 foot leaps.Link to species identification -


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