"My neighbor first brought me up to Eagle Rock Lakes in 1997.  Although I already was a fly fisherman, I didn't yet have a float tube.  Even so, the fishing was awesome and I was hooked on the place.  I still have a picture of that first fishing trip (3.1#, 21") hanging on the wall next to my computer screen at work.  I've been back every year since when it has been open for fishing.  Back in 1997 it was catch-and-keep using any kind of bait or lures.  The fishing has gotten even better since that first trip, thanks in large part to the owner's decision to convert it to flies only, catch-and-release.  The average fish has gotten much bigger over the years, and I really enjoy the chance to catch rainbows, browns, brookies and cutthroats.  I've landed 35 fish per day on many occasions.  But even when the weather isn't quite right and the action is slow, the area is so beautiful, peaceful and quite that catching fish becomes almost a secondary objective.  Kicking slowly around the big lake in my Lazy-Boy recliner, also known as a float tube, with the Flattop Mountains visible to the west is a treat that is hard to beat.  If there is a heaven on earth, this is it.  The grounds are beautiful, the cabins are comfortable, and the peace and quiet is complete."

John Vorwerk - Lakewood, CO

"Every year I look forward to a fishing trip or two, to Eagle Rock Lakes .  I describe it as fishing heaven and as I think back over these many years of going up there, I look forward to the wonderful way in which the ranch has been transformed into a beautiful get away.  Give it a try…you will not be disappointed.   I can hear the trout calling me now."

Greg Cline - Lakewood, CO

"One of my favorite places to get away and relax.   The cabins are comfortable and the scenery is spectacular.   Fishing was amazing evident from my arm hurting each night from fighting large and powerful trout.    Fantastic fish.  Fantastic place." 

Rick Hatcher - Littleton, CO

"Eagle Rock Ranch Resort remains one of the best keep secrets in Colorado. Located just outside of Yampa its four lakes are framed with the beautiful Flat Tops in the background.   I have been fishing at Eagle Rock for over 35 years and all fishing is with barbless hooks and flies only.  Due to Eagle Rock’s strict catch and release policy any fishing enthusiast will be more than amazed at the quality of fish to be caught. With first class cabins the accommodations are everything one could ask for whereby food is the only thing one needs to bring.   Pat Teters, the ranch manager, is one of the finest people you will ever meet and ensures your stay is hassle free.  If you need a place to get away from it all and have fun Eagle Rock Ranch Resort is it."

Ronnie Means - Lafayette, CO

"Are you looking for a nice relaxing get away?  Well, this place may not be for you!  This place will make your heart beat fast because every time you cast you could catch the Grand Daddy of trout!  Yes, the trout are big and there are no crowds!  It is just you and nature in this pristine beautiful setting!  This is the place where fish stories are made!" 

Randy Hatcher - Littleton, CO

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